Foreclosure Defense

If you have been sued for Foreclosure you have twenty (20) days to file a responsive pleading.  If twenty (20) or more days have passed since you have been sued, there may still be certain legal tactics which may be implemented yet hiring legal representation as quickly as possible is crucial.   Hiring an attorney to represent you during or prior to a foreclosure action may help you ensure all your rights are properly protected while gaining valuable time to either restructure your loan, sell your home or find alternative living arrangements.   The Lender’s attorneys will do everything possible to complete the foreclosure as quickly as possible.  In certain scenarios a deficiency judgment may be obtained against a borrower following the foreclosure sale.  Many Borrowers and home owners have great uncertainty when determining the consequences of a foreclosure.   Barkett Law will guide you through the process, ensure your rights are protected,  potentially help you obtain leverage with your lender and ensure that you are advised regarding the effects of a foreclosure and a potential deficiency judgment.

If you are currently in foreclosure obtain legal representation as quickly as possible.  If you are behind in your payments or are unable to pay your mortgage, call us for a free consultation.