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Eminent Domain

What are you seeking from your condemnation or eminent domain lawyer?  The lawyers at Barkett Law know exactly what is most important to you when your property is being taken:  individual attention, timely and regular communication, competent and skilled representation and assertive pursuit of your claims with your goals and objectives in mind.  Our background and specialty in every aspect of  real estate, real estate transactions and real estate litigation also contribute to our breadth and depth of knowledge in eminent domain.

The condemnation and eminent domain practice of Barkett Law has handled eminent domain cases on behalf of large and small clients with large and small claims.  Depending on the complexity of and issues in each case, we utilize a team of experts such as appraisers, accountants, land planners, engineers and surveyors.  These experts will analyze the effects of the taking on the property and assess the property’s market potential.  The tem of experts we use understand the issues involved in eminent domain including the eminent domain principle of giving the owner the benefit of the doubt in analyzing takings issues.

Barkett Law takes your property ownership seriously and pursues your claims with the principle  the that Constitutionally required “Full Compensation” is  our goal.

Thank you for considering Barkett Law and please do not hesitate to call anyone at our firm to set up an appointment to discuss your matter.