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Real Estate

Whether you are a Buyer, Seller, Developer, Lender or Borrower, hiring an attorney to protect your interests is a necessary and important part of your real estate transaction.  Barkett Law is capable of representing individuals and corporate entities in a wide range of scenarios involving a real estate transaction including but not limited to:

  • Buying or Selling Residential Property;
  • Buying or Selling Commercial Property;
  • Contract preparation and representation during Residential or Commercial transactions;
  • Preparing or reviewing Residential or Commercial Lender Packages;
  • Providing Residential or Commercial Financing as a Lender;
  • Structure an Owner Financed transaction;
  • Ordering, Issuing or reviewing Title Insurance Policies;
  • Structure Lease options;
  • Create First Rights of Refusals;
  • Preparing or reviewing title opinions;
  • Create, analyze and review easements;

If you have a real estate related legal issue please call us to determine how we can help you.